November 6th, 2016

Since my last writing, I have explored further on the ideas I see represented in the mummy form. As a hieroglyph, it means 'form' or 'image'. The interpretation that an image is embodied in the mummy symbol implies an act of preservation in giving an idea a solid form.

I view these current writings with the ancient Egyptian soul as a 'mummy' I've made. Through the process of my Becoming, by my words and actions, I can solidify myself into a new form. Having left a tangible result of Xeper, that 'mummy' (ball of shit the beetle rolled up) allows me to have the external marker that is able to be understood in a different light. This formative piece is now separate – I can view it interacting beyond me – causing insights that would've never occurred had I not undergone the difficult task of creating it.

However, even though an idea, or a memory of a current self's state of being, may be encapsulated and preserved in this form, it is not permanent. The mummy will still decay. The dung beetle's dung is only meant as a means for rebirth and not the end in itself. This is when I choose to purposely slay my mummy in its current form that it may be rebuilt from the essential parts that remain. This begins the process anew.

After this destruction to allow for re-creation, if the literal tangible object is not destroyed, or if I retain it as an intangible memory, that memory serves as a marker that can be utilized in furthering the process of becoming—the Remanifesting of a new form. The marker, mummy, or memory trigger, could be writing, art, music, films, scents, sights—anything from within your subjective universe that has been brought out to tangibly connect with the objective universe. The associations could be made of one's original inspiration or resulting from the inspirations caused by the creation of another.

For myself, I live by a cycle of creation and destruction with various steps of the process in between. I always work to preserve the intangible counterparts of the tangible mummies—in my mind, as my memories. It is the memories of the significant self-created moments that have built my subjective universe and form the construction of my subjective universe itself.

This book, the Imaginal Body: Para-Jungian reflections on Soul, Imagination and Death by Robert Avens is a PDF linked here that elaborates on, what is to me, the importance of an unnatural approach to the subjective universe.

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