Eternal Struggle

April 26th, 2015

A daily battle against stasis, or is it ‘with’ after all? We utilize the serpent, the cold eternal one, but it is this special other dragon Apep that keeps out true becoming through the eyes of Set at bay. Every morning, and evening - more so the evening journeying into night, that we must send him away, back down under the depths of Nun. That we can enjoy our existence and Be. Do we transform into something else over time - only through making more permanent the little changes, processes and victories we create every day. But our state of being aware is a daily task, we always strive to be in that state of existence. It may change subtly over time, but what is fundamentally true, is that this state will only begin to feel more real as we unfold more of our true selves, who we are essentially. This process of bringing out our daemon, she who is that perfect pattern manifest, our best selves already formed just needing the layers peeled away. In good moments she can direct our actions and send us messages. This leads us further down a path where the OU will begin to mirror the SU. Our desires manifest with more ease. Our sovereignty creates a bubble of influence where our magickal reach is free flowing to effect and create our will. But this daemon can only reveal herself when Apep is not present. How is she formed, where does she come from, and what part she plays in the cosmic scheme. She is a star in the sky of Nuit, a part of the same source material as Set. He cut himself free. We as forms of matter seek a permanence beyond the flesh, and can attain the stage of becoming a star, a light bringing, before we are able to move beyond that existence. Cut ourselves free and fall, to become truly separate and independent of the cosmos. Our journey towards becoming out akh requires us to unfold, revealing more of her starlight. We may not be heading towards the light, but becoming our own beacon and power source.

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