The Birth of Creation


"lellow" or the Birth of Creation was begun after the completion of Pig God. In both of these paintings, I would create a mind state of inspiration in my perception of the process of painting to allow the image to form as I painted. Using a similar technique in approach I began this painting in the upper right corner to work across towards the lower left. I was able to create most of the red portion during a few months. Then changes and moves in my life kept me away from the painting for almost a year. When I began again, in a new place with my self and environment, the look of the left side became markedly different from the right. During this time in my life, the subjects were always monsters. Thoughts that creep our, forms that take shape our of the dark. They arise, I give them light and color. Painted atrocities of imagination. When the painting was completed, I gave it the arbitrary name of lellow. On the back in pencil, in a moment of inspiration, I called it the Birth of Creation - knowing I'd have to explain what that meant later.

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