Personal Creation Myth

September 13th, 2015


A starting inspiration for the visuals of this task is a memory from my childhood. I had been going 'back in time' through all the memories I had at the time, cataloguing them. When I arrived at the first thing I could remember, it 'jumped' to a memory of being in a void like space, knowing I was me, and beginning to travel towards my family.

I began the first panel as 'Inspiration' with imagery from this memory - space. The other symbolism in the panels contains runes I associated during my mind maps. For 'Inspiration,' the title of the first panel, I had chosen Perthro to begin the process of becoming that occurs throughout the four panels, and also Ingwaz as the symbol for the first becoming, gestation time where Inspiration can occur.

Other imagery involved in the first two panels is a python. An obvious association could be my own animal companion, but I chose the symbol of the python per a recent pylon discussion about previous Order of the Python (then became Uart) - and the idea of the Pythoness, a 'seer.' These ideas of creativity, inspiration, visions, all tie to the subjects of the first two panels, Inspiration and Imagination. The migrating nine stars in each panel represent the self crystallizing through the personal creation journey.

In the second panel, the python changes from Ingwaz to Dagaz. For me, I interpret Dagaz as a possible third ideas that can be glimpsed between two. The imagery shown in the different quadrants of the snake are a scene that was always a 'trigger' for my 'Imagination' - a scene of trees. But also still visible is the space in the vertical triangles. The third panel I am associating with 'Creativity'. The rune I associated was Sowilo. The imagery here is showing a tree (to be covered with white clay) on fire. The vantage point is looking up into the branches of the tree, seeing the fire in the sky.

The fourth panel represents 'Memory'. The symbolism is showing the runes Elhaz, and Othala to finish the set. The vantage point transitions from below the tree to within the branches, looking down at the pool where a raft shaped like Othala has been built. This is to retain the ideas and memories of one's self within the Well. I included the coloring of a sunset, as this is a 'trigger' for memory crystallization for myself. I recently created interpretations of the runes in my own words, based on meditations of the last six months - my symbolism in the paintings is based on these:

ᛈ Perthro, the field of potential what should be and the lottery of when it will.
ᛜ Ingwaz, the power in the hidden, potential growing in isolation
ᛞ Dagaz, the illuminated moment of one's consciousness, centered between opposites able to synthesize and create a greater third idea.
ᛋ Sowilo, the Ka that is a light we strive towards through the darkness, illuminating our path of becoming.
ᛉ Elhaz, the energy connection between forms, and the ability to use this according to one's Will.
ᛟ Othala, the crystallized self centered within hereditary body, expanding and manifesting beyond itself.






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