December 2018

18 in. x 30 in. — Mixed Media on Paper

This artwork attempts to visually describe a spiritual experience of seeing a cohesive succession of selves linked through my own magical power. The image is named for my magical name, HKATI. When I was a child, I had a dream of walking down a path. I turned down the next path on my left, lined with a row of apple trees. I knew that in order to become a witch, I had to fly my broomstick around an apple on the ground three times counter-clockwise. I was able to perform this in the dream. Upon doing so, the name HKATI appeared to me in written form before I woke up.

This was the first dream I ever recorded in a journal. I kept note of the name and remembered it for years later, when I began using the name formally for my magical work. Now, I see new things in the name. It is pronounced like Hekate. Hka in Ancient Egyptian is the god of magic as a creative force and the consecration of the Ka. Adding a T to a hieroglyph noun makes it feminine. Adding an I makes it dual.

Carved into the sternum are hieroglyphs of Xeper and Heka accompanied by uraeus cobras. The rearing uraeus cobra hieroglyph indicates a goddess [ 󳸿 neter ]. The uraeus cobras spit fire, represent the Eye of Ra, and are protectors. The goddess Uatchet (Wadjet), associated with Eyes, is in the form of a cobra. In the artwork, the fire of the Eye of Re is seen glowing around the forming skeletal body, and throughout the spinal wick, [ 𓎛 ], of the serpent body. Heka, the creative force as the Elder Magician, and the creative force itself, is the power that reaches out of the Image. [ 󳡬 heka ]

The goddess Uatchet appears in the form of the living Uraeus to anoint your head with her Flames. She rises up on the left side of your head and she shines from the right side of your temples without speech; she rises up on your head during each and every hour of the day, even as she does for her father Re. Through her, the Terror which you Inspire in the Spirits is increased. Because she rises upon your head, and your brow becomes where she establishes herself, even as she does upon the brow of Re, she will never leave you. Awe of you strikes into the Souls which are made Perfect.
— The Book of the Dead, Chapter CLXXII

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