The Mortal Coil

June — July, 2018

This painting depicts a complete living being, body and soul, creating their life-time using their life-force.

Read Artist Statement (PDF).

Quote: I was curious about your image in the The Mortal Coil and how/whether it relates to your prior description of the Akhu Process. Are the Ka and Khat working together to draw out loops of space-time as new Subjective Universes?

To answer your question, I'll reference the artwork I made for Akhu Process for [Bhel Task 9]. Previously, the Khat was depicted as an extended continually undulating ourorobos—the blue coil had no head nor tail but is depicted with serpent scales. See below.

This represents the continuity of the 3-dimensional body. In this depiction, there isn't much order to the coiling ouroboros. The blue body glows red with its sign of life.

The representation of the Ka is similar but different. Unlike the single 3D body, there are many interconnected iterations of the similar shape.
While I imagine the circle as another ouroboros, zooming in on the image shows the scales made of hands. This is intended to show the creative capacity of the Ka.

I relate this to the nature space-time, and the multiplicity of selves that exist over one's lifetime.

A direct connection between the Khat and Ka images is not made in the above artwork. They are two separate but similar loops representing different parts of the self.

In this new image, The Mortal Coil, I see the newly depicted coil connecting conceptually with the very undulating Khat of the Akhu Process version. However, in the new depiction, it is re-ordered into the rotating Ankh shapes. By this new ordering, the loops within the Ankh shapes connect conceptually with the Ka depictions of the Akhu Process version. Again, the Ka circles are no longer a chaotic jumble, but are re-ordered into a pattern of successive transformations, or stages of growth.

The visual representations of the Ka and Khat in the previous artwork became the coil in the new artwork. The representations of the Ka and Khat in the new artwork depict an embodied experience of working with those previous concepts.

I would not say that the newly depicted figures only create new Subjective Universes. They are creating the continued experience of the living body, the will to live, and the fuel to continue creative movement. However, experiencing the living body in all its sensational and perceptive aspects is a Subjective Universe from within the body.

In this sense, yes, the Ka and Khat are working together to reorganize the experience of the living body and the subjective universes. The more congruent Ankh loops of space-time are formed within the larger undulation of the 'serpent body.'

Quote: The notion of the Mortal Coil as lifepath is really interesting in how it is depicted. It is at once a path, determining movement, while at the same time this path is determined by the activity of the embodied Self and the Ka.

Per Noe, Art forces us to recognize and look at how we 'organize' ourselves, and loops back down to 'reorganize' us.

Interestingly, this idea is embodied in the word choice of 'loop'. a structure, series, or process the end of which is connected to the beginning.


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