Pig God


This image began in 2006, painted in completed form from the top left corner across the canvas diagonally to the lower right corner. I held an image in my mind, and let it fluctuate as I painted. There were no sketches an planning drawn out beforehand. The challenge set was how accurately my skills as a learning painter could capture my image as I saw inside me. The painting has always been nickname Pig God. It is my most successful portrait to date. I did not set out to create him, but saw him as such as he formed on the canvas. He is a representation of an inner view of self. A self portrait of a side not always looked at, something that tries to hid because it is not admirable. The pig god contains all that is views as gross and unseemly, while having characteristic close to humanity to make it uncanny. Yet, there is something godly and proud to the character. Details of composition and elements of the painting had an odd synchronicity at the time of the completion of the painting. Upon meeting my now ex-spouse, he had painted a similar pig god painting, in his own style. The elements of a pig with spinal cord looking out, a watcher on the right, and an adornment cloth for the pig were all present. This was highly impressionable to me at that time. Now, I still recognize the painting represents something at the core of my being I was able to get out on canvas.

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